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Welcome to Cornerstone Wellness Center!

We are here to help you create your ideal life in 2013 and beyond!

Imagine your life filled with all that you desire....

Vibrant Health
Inner Peace

Have you been asking yourself:

How can I find more peace and meaning in my life?

How can I regain my health and feel happy and vibrant again?

How do I change old emotional programs that are sabotaging my life?


Have you tried everything and still not found any answers?

Do you often struggle with:

Pain    Headaches   Fatigue   Bloating    Depression   Insomnia   Poor Memory   Chronic Illness

Is it sometimes difficult to:

Get out of bed in the morning?
Have energy that lasts throughout the day?

Do you just wish you could:

Restore your Vitality and feel like a teenager again!

Then you have come to the right place!

At Cornerstone Wellness Center, we offer a Holistic Approach to regaining and enjoying a life of natural good health and wellness.  Our supportive staff, relaxing environment and diverse menu of services, provide you with the means to achieve a higher level of wellness and a healthier lifestyle.  Our practitioners masterfully blend modalities and individually tailor programs to meet your unique needs.  Through education and support, you will  become an active participant in your own health care and regain a life of strength and vitality.

Cornerstone Wellness Center
1088 Cass Street
Monterey, CA  93940
(831) 373-6204

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